Friday, 24 June 2016

Partly Cloudy

We have been learning to use adverbs in our writing. Here is my Partly Cloudy writing.
Partly Cloudy

Slowly the strong heavy bird dropped the baby on the crazy soft grass.

Quickly the strong heavy bird went to his freaky house. The freaky house spun like a kitten.

Loudly the freaky house scared the crazy bird.

Sadly the frightened cloud got left behind and he cried proudly.

Suddenly the crocodile chomped on the bird’s soft head.

Smoothly the bird got hit in the stomach and the legs by a goat.

Slowly the cloud made a ram. It hit the strong heavy bird in the stomach again. Bang!

Quickly the strong heavy bird got poked by the prickles on the hedgehog. The bird screamed loudly.

Sadly the grey cloud’s bird flew up to the nearest white cloud and the sad cloud got upset.

Angrily the cloud got sad and mad and the cloud shot out lightning.

Happily the strong heavy bird flew back to his cloud and the cloud made an eel. The eel shocked the happy bird.

Proudly the grey cloud and the bird lived happily ever after.

By Waiorere