Thursday, 21 September 2017

Chomping on chunks of heart.

Aloha bloggers.
Yesterday we were observing animal body parts. But first we got put into groups, My group was: Amelia, Antonio, Magic, Louisa and Shannon. We got given a piece of paper and it had our five senses on it. We got given a lamb heart. We observed it and poked it. Then we had to cut it open to observe the inside. After that we got to cook it. I didn't want to eat it so I went outside and today we got to choose any kind of DLO to share our writing.


  1. Hi Waiorere
    You had an interesting time on Wednesday didn't you. I loved reading your writing and also hearing about other peoples reactions.

  2. Hi Waiorere,
    It's Kyra I hope I'm not missing out on anything with myself away on holiday. Kyra