Friday, 3 March 2017

Writing an argument.

Kia ora
we have been learning about the Minotaurs and the kings. King Minos and the king of Athens. We had to pretend we were the king of Athans and we had to send a letter to King Minos because he was giving the minotaur youths/little boys to eat. Here is my letter I wrote.I hope you like it.

Firstly, if you and the nine youths changed places how would you feel about getting eaten by the Minotaur?

My next reason is that it’s a very gross way of dying.  If you are one of the youths, swap bodies.  Would you like being lost in a maze and think that the oak doors are the way out but you open them and you find the death of your life?

My last reason is that if you release them, in the future they might fight for your kingdom and maybe mine too.

So probably you would agree that being eaten from a monster pet is going to be the worst death possible.

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