Thursday, 18 May 2017

Mothers Day

Aloha bloggers,
Last week we were doing similes for our writing. Here is my writing recount. See if you can stop my good simile and if you can get a great picture of what my Mothers Day look like.

♥Mother’s Day♥

“Yay! it’s mother’s day,” I yelled with a smile on my face. I zoomed off to my mum like a tiger racing for its prey and said, “Happy mother’s day!” When she came in the kitchen I told her to sit down on the shiny couch in the sitting room, the one that moves like a bug. She was so happy! I told  her I was going to make an excellent breakfast.  I sped to the kitchen again and baked a delicious pancake. The pancake had drizzled syrup, mashed cream followed by a drop of hard sweet candy.  When my mum ate the pancake she said it was as yummy as a roasted chicken.

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