Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Learning how to read and write scientific reports.

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We are learning how to read and write scientific reports. We have been doing experiments and writing about them. This is a reading activity we did. We had to be able to match a title for a report with a wondering question.

We are learning how to understand the structure and language of a report about a scientific experiment.
In this exercise you need to match a title with its question. Use the ‘Fill tool’ to colour code the matching ideas.
Notice that none of these questions begin with a ‘Why….’.  This is because the purpose of a scientific experiment report is to share what you thought you knew, what you thought would happen and your observations about what actually did happen. It’s a bit like you are saying:
I’m wondering this…..because I know this… therefore if I do this I think this might happen.
So, at the end of a successful scientific report, you may not be able to say why something happened but you will be on the way to finding out why.
Then, when you do find out why, you will have to learn how to write an Explanation. The purpose of  Explanation writing is to answer Why questions. So, do not be surprised if your teachers decide to teach you Explanation writing later on!!!

Freezing Water.
What will happen when you mix vinegar and baking soda?
Floating and Sinking.
What will happen to an ice cube if you take it out of the freezer?
Kitchen Chemistry.
Which materials make the best insulators?
Disappearing Water.
What happens when you put a container of water into a freezer?
Keep Your Cool.
What will happen to a puddle of water on a hot day?
Ice Cube Experiment.
Does Blutack float?

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